Self Improvement Books That Changed The Game - 2017 Edition

The end of the year is quickly approaching, seriously, can you believe we are just weeks away from 2018?!

For myself, December has often been a time of reflection to look back on the year and see how far I have come, how much I have grown as a person and think about those grand thoughts I had for myself back in January. 

This year I am proud to say I am very pleased with the direction my life has taken. Feeling lost and frustrated early in the year, I dove head first into personal development, and read some pretty incredible books that made a big impact on me.

Here are my Top Recommendations, if you are looking to dive into some personal development in 2018.


1. The Universe Has Your Back 

This book will teach you to let go of control and to trust that things unfold as they should. It's full of important lessons and will help you find more inner peace while enjoying the journey.

 2. Big Magic 

A book about dealing with creativity and fear. I absolutely adore Elizabeth Gilbert and truly enjoyed the way she discusses these topics in a way that is so relatable! It will leave you feeling inspired to trust in yourself and own your creativity and ideas! 


3. Adventures For Your Soul

This book will wake up the passion you have for the life you truly want to be living. I can honestly say that this book helped give me the courage to stop playing it safe and go after the things that I really wanted! I highlighted and wrote pages upon pages of notes and have recommended this highly to close friends needing that extra push!

4. Year of Yes 

One of my first books in 2017. This was not a typical read for me, but I loved the idea of it. Saying YES to everything for a year, getting uncomfortable, taking chances and opening yourself up to change and possibilities! This book may just inspire you to have your own year of yes!



An empowering read, I AM THAT GIRL is a book about finding your voice and your purpose and going after what you want! It will inspire you to Be You, to chase your dreams, to Love yourself and Own it!


6. Live The Best Story Of Your Life 

This book is about the stories we tell ourselves and the ability to re-write them to shape your future and let go of the painful stories that are holding you back. This book will empower you and get you on the right track to  creating the life you want.


7. WELLth

From the founder of the Wellness website Mind Body Green. This book really encompasses the many areas of your life from career to health & wellness, mindset and the delicate balance of it all. A wellthy existence is one in which happiness is attainable, health is paramount, and daily living is about abundance. 


8. Radical Self Love 

This book radiates positivity for the girl who needs to up her self love game. Gala Darling will help you find more confidence within yourself. Covering topics from Self love, self care, wellness, relationships and style, it will inspire you to be your best self.


Happy reading! Would love to know some of your favourite books from 2017, leave them in the comments!

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