Finding Your INNER MUSE Style

Style, some people seem to have this innate sense of style that comes naturally to them, while some of us struggle to figure it out. Then there are those life transitions that can leave us feeling like it's time to redefine our style, as we evolve and grow (like after baby, a promotion, or perhaps working from home).

Why is defining your style important?

Because feeling confident about your style will make getting dressed and shopping for new items a whole lot easier saving you a lot of headaches. But more importantly, when we truly express ourselves authentically through our style, we show up more confidently in the world and people take notice!

Need help to find your personal style? Read on to get our best tips for finding a style that is all your own!



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Sourcing inspiration is your first step in helping you define you style. Pinterest will be your best friend in this process. Begin by creating a Pinterest board and label it Personal Style. Now, search style icons and celebrity style, and Pin all the images that you feel drawn to, that you admire. Chances are it will be a mix of people and styles, but that’s where the magic lies; Within that mix is YOUR PERSONAL STYLE. 

Search for Fashion inspiration, but don’t forget Beauty (Hair, Makeup) as that is also part of your personal style and how you present yourself to the world. Look for common denominators, like similar hairstyles or fashion pieces. When I look at the celebrities whose style I most admire, although they are all different – they all have common themes and likely yours will too! And remember, I am not suggesting you mimic the style of others, but instead use these images as inspiration to find a style that feels true to you!  



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How many times have you looked in your jam packed closet, only to feel like you have nothing to wear! Editing your wardrobe to only pieces you love, will not only leave you feeling less overwhelmed...but will save you tons of time in the morning! It's much easier to be inspired when you see a few pieces that you absolutely love, than when you have a closet full of duds! 

Take a day and try the pieces on – Be honest with yourself. Have you worn this piece in the past year? Does it make you feel confident? Is it flattering? If not ditch it! Donating them will leave you feeling so good, or even sell them and take the money from the sale to invest in new pieces you will adore! 



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We are all built differently and what may work for one person, may not work for another. Taking time to think about what your best features are (now is not the time to be hard on yourself) but instead time to look at yourself lovingly in the mirror and notice what is amazing about you.  Maybe you have long legs you should be showing off, beautiful broad shoulders,  or a curvy hourglass figure. Make note of these things and look for items that will accentuate them. 




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Now that you have a better idea of what you like, and you have edited your wardrobe, it's time to take stock of what is missing. What are the missing pieces that would bring your wardrobe together? Write them down or get photo inspiration, and if you are going to shop, these are the pieces you want to look for. Don't fall into old patterns and get swayed by something you don’t need or don’t love simply because it's on sale! Have a plan and you will save yourself a lot of money and headaches! 



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Are there certain items in your wardrobe that you wear on repeat or accessories that you wouldn’t leave the house without? These pieces are your signature! Taking note of these signatures pieces will only help you define your style and what makes you feel good. Whether it’s a pair of oversized glasses, a fedora or leopard details, own it!! 



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The message here is we are all unique, this is what makes the world such a beautiful place. Stop doubting yourself and listen to your gut instinct. Wear what you love, so you can feel confident and like the best version of yourself. 



If you are still having doubt as to what your personal style is, remember it's important to work on ourselves from the inside too! Doing some personal development to grow as a person and become more confident is the best first step you can take as beauty and style radiates from the inside-out. 

Now get started and have fun channelling that STYLE FROM WITHIN and free your Inner Muse!

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