Creating a New Moon Ritual

More and more lately I have been hearing about the moon cycles and the role they can play in our lives.  

I have always had a decent side of "woo" to me, but to be honest my only familiarity with moon cycles was acknowledging the touch of crazy in the air that would always occur on a full moon! Working in the city, in retail for many years, full moons were always "one of those days" where you couldn’t wait to go home and hide under a blanket! 


But let's talk about the new moon, the start of the lunar cycle and where it all begins.... 


The new moon is a time for intention setting; a perfect time to reflect and write out your goals and what you want to most create in this life. Think of the new moon as a time to plant seeds for the things you would most like to see grow. I have always been a big believer in intention setting and creating a vision for yourself, so learning more about the new moon cycle and rituals really intrigued me! 


Creating a New Moon Ritual 

 Your new moon ritual can be whatever you want it to be, it's a monthly check in with yourself; a time to get quiet and create the space to listen to your hearts desires. 


Here are a few ideas on how to create a ritual for yourself 


  • Create a quiet space and take a few minutes to reflect on your life as it is right now. 
  • Light a candle or diffuse your favourite essential oils to get in the mood. 
  • Get out a journal or note pad and let your desires pour out onto the paper. 
  • Review what you wrote and pick out a couple goals you would like to set for yourself. 
  • In addition to your personal goals – Select an intention you would like to set for the month ahead. For example ; I will practice affirmations every morning to work on becoming a more confident person. 
  • Lastly, If you are up for it – a meditation. This can be sitting in silence for a few moments and just listening to your breath, you can listen to relaxing music or it can be a guided meditation. My favourite guided meditation is Spoken Meditation: Your Ideal Life, The Law of Attraction: Goal Setting Visualization, Click here for the video.


It doesn't really matter how you perform your new moon ritual, just make sure to do it with intention and do what makes you happy. 


This new moon, Thursday October 19, Not only am I setting my intentions out there in the world but with this new beginning, I am literally birthing my dream...Right here, with INNER MUSE, Welcome!!!


I have always based picking dates for important life events on my gut instinct, and when picking a date to launch this website, I just knew it had to have some symbolic significance. This led me to the lunar cycles and arriving on this very date to plant this mega seed! I will absolutely be setting aside some time on this new moon to perform a ritual and set my intentions for the future both for myself and this business! 


Wishing you all a Happy New Moon!

...and for all you Moon loving Muse's, these Jenny Bird moon themed pieces have not left my body in weeks!


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