Introducing Province Apothecary

We are very excited to announce a Beauty & Wellness category with the launch of Province Apothecary products.

Inner Muse's mission is to empower women to feel their best, and that includes self care, and what you put on your skin and body. We believe in the importance of using non toxic products, our skin is our largest organ and your body absorbs what you put on it. We believe you should treat your body well and avoid potentially harmful toxins. We have made it our mission to only offer products lines that share the same values. 

Introducing our first line in this category, Province Apothecary.


Leading the way in green beauty. Province Apothecary products are made from the highest quality certified organic ingredients and are always free from: petroleum, parabens, synthetic fragrances and ingredients, endocrine disruptors, carcinogens, dyes, alcohol, solvents, pesticides, genetically modified organisms (GMOs), palm oil or derivatives, cosmetic grade ingredients and toxins of any kind.



Province Apothecary sources the highest quality organic ingredients from each Canadian Province, and hand-blends these ingredients in small batches to create skincare that will nourish + balance your skin. We love the fact that this Canadian brand stays true to it's roots by sourcing local ingredients!


After struggling with allergies and eczema all her life, Julie Clark began crafting natural, organic beauty products out of her kitchen. Despite her busy schedule as a costume designer and stylist, Julie found herself drawn to holistic skincare, using her time off to experiment with oils, waxes and herbs- all in pursuit of the perfect skin care regime. In 2010 Julie began studying Aromatherapy, Holistic Health and Esthetics in Toronto. Here she formed the foundation of her skincare expertise, experimenting with raw materials and natural ingredients.

For Julie, natural beauty goes beyond simply organic ingredients; natural beauty means a pledge to helping clients feel good in their own skin. “I gather so much inspiration from my clients, the weather, and the seasons,” says Julie, of her individually-tailored approach to skin care. Her facial treatments often include hand-blended masks using local produce and seasonally appropriate, farmer-friendly ingredients. While PA has long outgrown the kitchen, Julie’s devotion to fresh, seasonal, and organic beauty continues. Now a certified holistic esthetician and aromatherapist, Julie remains committed to innovation, sustainability, and small-batch skin care of the highest quality.


What Julie wants most is to create pure, effective products that benefit even the most sensitive complexions so that you can feel beautiful in your skin. Province Apothecary began with the mission to produce the best skincare products using only high quality, certified organic ingredients sourced from each of the Canadian provinces. Julie expertly formulates, blends, and packages all products by hand in small batches, ensuring the highest quality skincare for you. She is blending the wilds of Canada into nourishing and balancing skincare.


Julie cares about our planet and the farmers that plant and harvest PA’s ingredients so she sources from small farms and companies across Canada, that hold the same ethical standards as PA, all of our ingredients are ethically and sustainably sourced and fair-trade and she donates a percentage of yearly sales to the ‘Canadian Organic Growers’, ‘Canadian Honey Council’ and '1 % for the Planet'.


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