Jewelry with Intention

I have always been one to gravitate towards jewelry with a deeper meaning, whether it's a sentimental piece given to me by someone special or a piece with deeper symbolism.

When I came across Rocking Vibe, it instantly spoke right to my heart and I knew I needed to share it with others!

Their vision: Wear it on the outside to unleash the force that burns within you.  

In person this jewelry truly sparkles with good vibes.

The pieces are natural, raw and unique. They are one of a kind creations tied to intention setting and empowerment.

Meet the collection and their deeper meaning and symbolism to see which one you connect with most.


The MERAKI necklace, one of my personal favourites, radiates it's most beautiful glow from the abalone shell.
This necklace is meant to be a reminder to leave this world a better place, and to wholeheartedly infuse your unique essence into everything that you do.



INFERNO represents the fearless passion that burns within you. Embrace your inner power as you trail blaze your own path. Agate is the stone of protection and strength!

INFERNO is your subtle reminder that chances aren’t given, they’re taken!



Soul Sparkle chokers are here to propel your thoughts to become carefully chosen words and actions – both said and done with purpose. Each choker incorporates a unique geological element, which lies over your vocal cord.

Find your voice and let it radiate out as the crystal adorns your throat chakra and amplifies it's powerful vibrations. 

( More styles and colours available online) 



 The Soul Sparkle bracelets have a unique geological element designed to connect with your pulse point. With each heartbeat own your intentions and empower their vibrations with the crystal.



Tap into your natural, inner power with ESSENCE as the parallel Quartz crystals declutter your mind. Wear your bangle on your dominant wrist.

Every action you take will reverberate through the crystals, breaking down your day into the most natural, simple steps - the essence of your life.

Wearing jewelry with intention is a powerful reminder to stay true to you, promotes positivity and helps you Rock your Vibe !


Which piece speaks to you? Let us know in the comments!

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