Muse Of The Month - Nadine Parsons

Since launching Inner Muse, I have had the intention to profile inspiring women and share their stories, starting with this one...Welcome to the very first edition of Meet The Muse.
This first profile is a BIG one!


 I first met Nadine when I was launching Inner Muse. Nadine was a Jewelry Wholesaler with a big reputation! She was known as being very successful in her industry and had a wardrobe of jewels and clothing that would make you drool with envy. When I met Nadine, she did not disappoint....not only was she great at what she did, but she was kind, warm and incredibly motivating.

I knew that when I started Meet The Muse, I wanted to interview Nadine.
What I didn't know was that less than 2 years after meeting her she would no longer be with us. Before she passed, I asked her if I could share her story....and in her words she said " Yes of course lovely! Let's save lives! and have women take care of themselves instead of everyone else for a change!"


This is her story...

Nadine grew up in the East Coast before making the move to Toronto. A trained Opera Singer, Nadine graduated with a music degree before starting her career in fashion. 


Nadine applied to be a sales rep for Biko Jewelry and shortly after turned that job into an opportunity to reach out to other contemporary brands to represent and start her own private agency! An agency of her own that went on to represent many incredible Canadian brands and sell to some of the largest retailers.



When she wasn't slinging gorgeous jewelry, Nadine could be found hanging with her loving husband, her cat and of course friends, she also made time to pursue her passion for travelling the globe.


 At the age of 34 Nadine first discovered a lump in her breast, she went to the doctor who sent her for an ultrasound. The ultrasound determined that is was a series of fibroid cysts and then went on to say she was to young for a mammogram ( despite a strong family history of Cancer). She was sent away with no request for monitoring or follow up.


By late 2017, Nadine was suffering with extreme back pain that had been plaguing her for many months. By Dec31st she couldn't get out of bed without excruciating pain. Her husband brought her to the Emergency Department. January 5th their lives changed forever when she was told "You have cancer. It’s breast cancer. It’s stage four. It’s very aggressive and developed in under a year."


Nadine's battle with Cancer was nothing short of inspiring, she created an account on Instagram where she documented her battle with the disease, called THRIVE TO SHINE ( @thrivetoshine) and that is what she did. Her Strength and Optimism shined so brightly from videos dancing in the subway stations to posting about new appreciations for the simple things in life like the sun on her face, a cup of tea, travel and quality time with her husband.


Sadly, Nadine passed away in July 2019 at the age of 37 from Metastatic Cancer, but her legacy will live on. 


This profile was originally meant to honour this woman for her business, her accomplishments and her style but instead I am sharing her story because this should not happen. Nadine wanted to save lives by sharing her story and pushing women to truly advocate for their own health. We talked about sharing her story because shockingly doctors do not recommend mammograms to patients under 40, and unfortunately for many this is too late! Breast Cancer is the most common Cancer in young women.

You can learn more about Nadine and her story on the @thrivetoshine instagram account.

Nadine, introduced me to the following collections of which she dawned all the time. In Honour of Nadine, and Breast Cancer Awareness month, I will be donating 15% of all sales from this collection this month in her name to Rethink Breast Cancer. Shop the collection here.


General donations can be made in her name to Rethink Breast Cancer as we continue to support her role as an ambassador for the MBC community and let her incredible legacy live on.


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