Leah Alexandra

Leah first started developing her skill for design and craftsmanship while obtaining a Bachelor of Design at Ryerson University. Shortly after graduating, Leah moved from Toronto to Vancouver where she enrolled in a metalsmithing course, followed by an internship for a local goldsmith. It was during this time that Leah began slowly but surely collecting materials to create her own pieces she felt couldn’t be found elsewhere. She then decided to take a chance on her hobby and trade in her savings for gemstones.
With this leap of faith, Leah Alexandra Jewelry was born.
The Jewelry
At the forefront of each design is a penchant for adventure and sourcing unique, beautiful materials. Leah travels the globe to source genuine semi-precious gemstones in every color of the rainbow. Each and every gem is carefully selected to ensure the best composition of color, cut and clarity. To highlight their individuality, gems are set and paired with 14 karat gold fill, 14 karat gold or rosegold vermeil, and sterling silver. It is with this and a desire to create versatile, timeless pieces that Leah Alexandra continues to grow today.
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